romance regency backlist

November 6: Backlist Books I Want to Read Most of the books I want to read are backlist books. Backlist books are old books which are still being sold. Most of this books could be bought in second hand bookstores. If not, they are still being sold in bookstores. I love backlist reads, sometimes the quality... Continue Reading →


What am I reading this week?

This is my creepy and mysterious read for this month. I loved Every heart is a doorway so I'm expecting a lot with this book. I'm half done and it's getting better and better.   This is the second book to the Crazy rich Asians series. I'm still starting this and this book would be... Continue Reading →

favourite villains

October 23: Villains (favorite, best, worst, lovable, creepiest, most evil, etc.) What makes a villain? Is it just being cruel, ugly or bad. Most villains which I like are handsome or they are just the ultimate bad boys. I can't help but like them. As for the female villains, they are usually more "slytherin" like, cunning and... Continue Reading →

Finale by Stephanie Garber.. cover reveal

Everyone knows that Finale by Stephanie Garber is to be released next year. On twitter, the author started dropping hints connected to this book. This made me anticipate tweets from her because I'm caraval trash. Anything connected to the last book of this series makes me happy. Honestly. I was not expecting an early treat... Continue Reading →

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