Butterbeer again

Again my potterhead antics came out.. Cafe Kayman has their own take on Butterbeer. This cafe is located in Baguio city. It has a homey atmosphere with vintage trinkets for sale. The cafe has two kinds of butterbeer, a coffee based butter beer and a decaffeinated version. Both taste okay. I like the decaffeinated version... Continue Reading →


What I do in a rainy day

Work Read a book Sleep all day Drink Coffee or Tea Fix my things Do a puzzle Watch anime Watch Korean drama Do bullet journal Meditate  

things to do after finishing a book..

Find another book to read Put down the book..Breathe.. Relax Look for the sequel if your interested in continuing with the story Share your insights to someone who might like the book Fix your shelf and add the finished book If you joined the goodreads challenge then update it Ready your book review if you... Continue Reading →

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