General Policy

My blog is mostly catered to the young adult genre. However, I can read anything as long as it is both in english or tagalog. I am very open to read different kinds of genre as long as I’m in the mood for it.

Please expect only my honest feedback. Although, I may dislike some books, I would definitely try very much to give an unambiguous review. This may or may not influence others but remember we are all entitled to have our own honest opinion.

The reviews would only be about the books and not the authors. I am not a professional reviewer. I do not get paid. My posts would be based on how I feel about the story. No grammar or technical issues would be brought out (unless needed).

The reason why I’m doing this blog is for my love of books. I definitely love reading and learning new things. No questions asked I am an Erudite, if not a Ravenclaw at heart.

Most of the books I post here are all mine (about 95%). The other 5% would be the ones from wonderful generous publishers, authors, giveaway hosts, friends or family and the local library.

Although I’m new to the book blogging community, I would really appreciate it if an opportunity is given  to me to review a new book. Please email me at thebookishlife@yahoo.com and I would gladly respond to your email. Thank you very much!

– Rian



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