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snack: Mc Donalds wintermelon milk tea

Since,milk tea is very popular here in the Philippines, Mc Donalds decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in the milk tea craze. They are offering two flavors, Wintermelon milk tea float and Classic milk tea float. Out of curiosity, i tried the wintermelon milk tea float. It is a wintermelon milk tea concoction… Continue reading snack: Mc Donalds wintermelon milk tea

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Butterbeer again

Again my potterhead antics came out.. Cafe Kayman has their own take on Butterbeer. This cafe is located in Baguio city. It has a homey atmosphere with vintage trinkets for sale. The cafe has two kinds of butterbeer, a coffee based butter beer and a decaffeinated version. Both taste okay. I like the decaffeinated version… Continue reading Butterbeer again