anime I have started watching..

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi has 24 episodes. I started watching this last month. It's cute and the heroine at least is not a push over. But she sometimes does not think before acting. Also, the story is not shallow because Aoi has a lot of things to learn about her past and future. Cells at work... Continue Reading →


3D Kanojo: Real Girl

An anime review of 3D kanojo: Real Girl

What am I reading this week?

I liked the latest book I read by Sabrina Jeffries, so I picked this up in a second hand book shop and started reading it. For this month, I think most of the books I read would mostly historical/ regency romance books again.     Here is a book from the regency romance genre by... Continue Reading →

Places where I buy my books

In Baguio city, there are only a limited number of bookstores. Thankfully most of them are second hand bookstores which are friendly on the pocket. For brand new books, the local bookstore is the way to go.Sometimes I just peruse on some books but usually I buy them because I'm a book hoarder. The following... Continue Reading →

The Need for air by Lettie Prell

The need for air by Lettie Prell is another short story located in To read it please click here. Freedom depends upon the perspective of a person. The story deals with different views concerning freedom. Just like Lake, she thinks that freedom is found in a place where everything is perfect. While, Jared thinks... Continue Reading →

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