unease.. maybe anxiety

According to the dictionary, anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Uneasiness is what I feel when I don't feel confident with myself. Every turn someone berates me. When I'm about to do something someone reprimands me right away. I feel so suffocated... Continue Reading →


Me before you ( movie review)

"You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning."

What am I reading this week?

This is my creepy and mysterious read for this month. I loved Every heart is a doorway so I'm expecting a lot with this book. I'm half done and it's getting better and better.   This is the second book to the Crazy rich Asians series. I'm still starting this and this book would be... Continue Reading →

Finale by Stephanie Garber.. cover reveal

Everyone knows that Finale by Stephanie Garber is to be released next year. On twitter, the author started dropping hints connected to this book. This made me anticipate tweets from her because I'm caraval trash. Anything connected to the last book of this series makes me happy. Honestly. I was not expecting an early treat... Continue Reading →


Today was a bumpy ride in life.. I kept reminding myself that it is a bad DAY and not a bad LIFE. As I was perusing my facebook feed, I read that Park Jimin was included as a character in Wildcard (for more information on how it was validated that the character Park Jimin in... Continue Reading →

Butterbeer again

Again my potterhead antics came out.. Cafe Kayman has their own take on Butterbeer. This cafe is located in Baguio city. It has a homey atmosphere with vintage trinkets for sale. The cafe has two kinds of butterbeer, a coffee based butter beer and a decaffeinated version. Both taste okay. I like the decaffeinated version... Continue Reading →


Once in a while the world just seems so suffocating. I can't help but just ball up and let it pass. Others see it as being arrogant and hard headed. This is just my way of coping with every negative word that is being hurled at me. I'm super bad in communicating what I like.... Continue Reading →

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