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currently reading (08)

It is the third week of August and I have not really followed my suppose to be TBR. However, I am almost done with my second book for NEWTS (yay, one more book to go). I'm still on track with my goals to read 6 books this month. To achieve this I read other books… Continue reading currently reading (08)

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Favorite romance tropes

August 20: Favorite Tropes (a trope is a commonly used theme or plot device) (submitted by Andrea @ Books for Muse) When I pick books from authors I have not read, I usually base my decision on the tropes used in the story. I would know this if I read and understood the synopsis well. Or… Continue reading Favorite romance tropes

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July 2019 wrap up

In My Life Work.. Life.. Work Well, half of July 2019 revolved around watching produce x 101. Work is still work at least I had something to look forward to every Saturday. Since produce x 101 is done, I am now watching again Korean dramas. For my birthday month, I splurged a lot, which makes… Continue reading July 2019 wrap up

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I would have liked these books if I was much younger

July 30: Freebie (Come up with your own topic! I might steal yours for a future TTT and credit you!) Well its freebie time. I can't think of a topic. However, I realized that I have recently read books which I would have liked when i was younger. I am 29 years old and I still… Continue reading I would have liked these books if I was much younger

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Settings I like.

July 23: Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All) I would usually associate a good setting with good writing. It helps in setting the mood of the story. Most of the classics which I tried to read had nice settings. This was because the mood of the events and place were described in… Continue reading Settings I like.

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#N.E.W.T.S 2019 magical readathon

Time is really fast, I'm still reading my third book for the OWLs 2019 magical readathon. Although, I need to prepare my NEWTs TBR for august, I'm confident that I'll be able to finish my third book for OWLs before August. Anyways, Newts is another exam in the Harry Potter universe. It is more comprehensive… Continue reading #N.E.W.T.S 2019 magical readathon

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Something New: “Naruto” eOneBook

As an avid reader of manga, the "Naruto" eOnebook kickstarter project got my attention. This project solves my shelf space problem since for one copy of this eOneBook I'll have the 72 volumes already. Also, it is easy to transport and no charging is needed because batteries are only used. It does not replace the… Continue reading Something New: “Naruto” eOneBook