Long shounen manga series I’ve read

October 9: Longest Books I’ve Ever Read Hello! Most manga series are known for their lengthy adventures and twist and turns. This is usually associate with shounen manga. I love shounen manga. The plot's twists and turns are a treat to read. I invest my time in this lengthy shounen manga series because I want to... Continue Reading →


Author’s I’d love to meet

October 2: Authors I’d Love to Meet I have lots of authors I would want to meet. This Top Ten Tuesday list consists of authors from different genres. Somehow, I think they would be fun to get to know and I would like to show my appreciation for their work. Becky Abertalli Adam Silvera (note: both... Continue Reading →

So many books.. so little time

September 25: Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read I have a lot of favourite authors. Since a lot of good books are coming out, the list grows longer and longer. I'm just happy that I'm  not limited to one author. This list is composed of books from my favourite YA authors. I... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems

September 11: Hidden Gems (which books haven’t been talked about as much or haven’t been marketed as strongly that you think deserve some recognition?) I tend to read more popular books because I'm easily influenced by word of mouth.  Although this happens a lot, I have reads which I just buy because I like the synopsis.... Continue Reading →

Bookish Websites which I like

August 14: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites I usually watch videos from booktube when I want to know about books. As for bookish websites, I only know a few. Somehow, this TTT post is making me aware that I need to widen my perspectives when it comes to bookish websites. The following are the Bookish Websites which... Continue Reading →

Classic books combined with weird ideas

August 7: Books You’d Mash Together (pick two books you think would make an epic story if combined) (Submitted by Rissi @ Finding Wonderland) It is another hard topic for this week's Top ten tuesday post. For me most books are perfect and I would not want to change them. However, for some books I wish that... Continue Reading →

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