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Anime Review: one punch man season 2

Title: One punch man season 2Number of Episodes: 13 Genre: Action, Sci-FI, Supernatural, Seinen, ComedyStudio: SheuishaPremiered: Spring 2019 SYNOPSIS A continuation of season 1 where Saitama defeats more opponents with a single punch. A monster society is slowly creeping its way into society. Also , a martial arts tournament is joined be Saitama. Where he… Continue reading Anime Review: one punch man season 2

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anime I have started watching..

Back Street Girls: Gokudolls..I'm in episode 7 and its very entertaining. Sometimes it makes me cringe knowing that they are 3 mafia men who went to Thailand and had their sex changed. This was their punishment sue to a failed mission which endangered the whole mafia group their part of. It was either to become… Continue reading anime I have started watching..