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Change name

Hello, It is a good day and I hope that you feel it too. I have decided to change my blogs name to dog.and.books because I love my family dog and books. Last year my uncle adopted an Alaskan Malamute. However, the responsibility of taking care of him was left to me. No complaints here, I’m just happy that Kirra the malamute change my lifestyle. Dogs really have a way to make you feel loved with out judging. It was hard at first to take care of him but I got into the routine and it just made me a better person. I sleep for 8 hours now and have some exercise by walking him. A lot of people like him and some are terrified. I do understand the scared ones because he is huge. However, he is very gentle and likes the attention. I am not a people person and it really shows when I walk him because I swerve of the crowds. However, he is one and I am put out of my comfort zone. Anyways, his pictures are in my instagram and I would be slowly incorporating our experiences in this blog. I hope you would look out for that.

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