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BTS is back!

from @bangtan.official

Yup, BTS is back and as usual I’m happy about it. They are my happy pill. Their comeback album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA is composed of seven songs. I like them all but Boy with luv, Home and Make it right are my favorites. I think its fitting that Boy with luv would be their title track. It is very catchy and the sound is just therapeutic. Therapeutic because it does not hurt the ears. Also, it is a song which has no angst. I do love their songs with angst but for a change Boy with luv was refreshing. Halsey’s voice also was a wonderful addition to the song. I love the color scheme of the video too. As usual, hair colors matched them. I just love the warm shades I see, also V’s blue hair was so vibrant. I love everything about their music video for Boy with luv. The boys looked more relaxed and Jimin twirling and smiling was enough to make my day.


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