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January 2019 wrap-up

In My Life

Work.. Life.. Work

It is the first month of the year where new years resolutions are made. For 2019, I would like to read the books which I currently have. If I would buy books, I need to make sure that I love. If in doubt, I would first read it on e-book format first before buying it in physical book format. For my work, it is still tiring, tedious and worth doing. I do love my work, it just gets tiring at times. I am on the look out for vacation time, which might be a lot because of long weekends and scheduled holidays.

In Reading and Reviewing

I have read 5 books for January 2019.

Secrets of the Night (Malloren, #4)

Books I have reviewed this January 2019:

How to woo a reluctant lady by Sabrina Jeffries

Mr. President by Katy Evans

A Scot in the dark by Sarah Maclean

To wed a wild lord by Sabrina Jeffries

Currently reading for February 2019:





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