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Today was a bumpy ride in life.. I kept reminding myself that it is a bad DAY and not a bad LIFE. As I was perusing my facebook feed, I read that Park Jimin was included as a character in Wildcard (for more information on how it was validated that the character Park Jimin in Warcross was based on Park Jimin of BTS please click here) This information instantly made me happy. Well simple things, moments make me happy. BTS or just reading books are on the top of this list. Going back to Wildcard, this is the sequel to Warcross by Marie Lu. Due to this, I have decided to read Warcross and then Wildcard. This decision was hasty but was made without second thoughts. So now, I’m going to purchase a hard bound version because of the colourful and beautiful cover. ( I hope my local bookstore still have this version in stock).


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