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Butterbeer again

Again my potterhead antics came out..

Cafe Kayman has their own take on Butterbeer. This cafe is located in Baguio city. It has a homey atmosphere with vintage trinkets for sale. The cafe has two kinds of butterbeer, a coffee based butter beer and a decaffeinated version. Both taste okay. I like the decaffeinated version better. It was because the other version had a strong coffee taste which made it taste like a caramel macchiato than butter and beer. The decaffeinated version tasted like beer and ginger (maybe the cafe used ginger ale?). It was also fizzy and cold. Both butterbeers were topped with whip cream, caramel and cinnamon.

Pictures of the butterbeers:



Somehow, Hogsmeade seem to be so near yet so far. I could not say that it tastes like true butterbeer like in the books but it is butterbeer which is inspired by the book. I am willing to try different interpretations of food from books just like Lara Jean’s cookies from the series,To all the boy’s I’ve loved before. I am quite satisfied with the decaffeinated version ofCafe Kayman’s butterbeer. I would definitely go back and order it again.


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