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To wed a rake by Eloisa James


Title: To Wed a Rake
Author: Eloisa James
Edition: ebook
Publication: December 4th 2012
Pages:  88 pages
Category:  Adult, Romance, Historical


Betrothed since they were children, Gilbert Baring-Gould, Earl of Kerr, and the Honorable Emma Loudan are not quite what one would call a perfect match. The whole Ton knows him to be a complete rakehell, hardly the ideal spouse for a lady.

When he horrifies the Ton by announcing that he won’t go through with the marriage until Emma is carrying his child — or did he say that she was already carrying a child? — the gossips (and Emma) go wild.

Obviously she should hand this Beelzebub his ring back directly. But curiosity, and a strong wish to teach her brazen-faced fiancé some manners, demand that she beat him at his own game.

So she does.

It’s the story of a reluctant bridegroom (engaged since childhood, and hasn’t seen his fiancée in years), a bride who’s losing her patience, and a wild night in which the said bridegroom meets a wicked, delicious Frenchwoman…or is she?

LIKENESS SCALE:❤❤❤❤(4.5 hearts)

Warning: Possible Spoilers

This is my first time reading a novella by Eloisa James. As usual,  just like her novels I loved it. The story was short and sweet. Somehow, I was not expecting Emma to have the tenacity to follow through with her wicked plan. I like that some Shakespeare quotes are mixed in the story. Also, that they were used by the characters to flirt with one another. I also like that the Earl of Kerr was not the rake that he portrayed.

Why I like this story..

  • I like Emma, her pursuits in the country are good ways on how to use time
  • I knew how the ending will play out but I was still eager to read the ending
  • It is a fast read

What i did not like in the story..

  • It is a very short read.. their story had the potential to become a full novel..

I gave this book a 4.5 hearts because I love it and I would have loved it more if it was a novel. I like both characters. They are both charming and wicked. Also, their story was not full of twists and turns which made it into a fast read. The ending was sort of climatic with Kerr guessing who was his latest french paramour. Despite it being short and sweet, it was a very satisfying read.

BUY, BORROW, NEVER MIND: Buy, because it is a good novella.. abrupt yet satisfying


Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion on the story. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this ebook. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. The book photo and synopsis here is from


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