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Fangirl reaction: BTS (방탄소년단) ‘IDOL’ Official MV

I can’t..

Why bighit do you need to kill me with a lot of close up video shots of Jimin’s face??? (and he had different expressions >.<)

Honestly, I was not expecting that BTS would drop their MV for Idol today. It was a good surprise for a very gloomy day because of all the rain. In contrast to the weather, BTS’ video is so vibrant and colourful. If I would watch this video with 3d glasses it would be so alive with all the colour and graphic effects. Aside from this, the guys look amazing. I like that they used earth tone colours for their clothes. I love Suga’s look for this video.  For this song, I like the beat. It is definitely a bop. As a group, their coordination is perfect. They really compliment each other. To be honest, I was not really expecting a lot because I really just believe that BTS would deliver something epic. Every time they have a comeback, I just get really speechless.

After reading so many twitter posts (mostly by army unnie @UnniARMY) about this MV, it is safe to say that this song has some elements connected to korean culture. To know more it is best to visit army unnie’s twitter account.


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