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My first Book depository experience

Through booktube I was able to learn about bookdepository and book outlet. Since, the only available sources of books near my area are National Bookstore, Booksale and other independent second hand bookstores, book choices are very limited. I would usually scan these websites and just dream about buying from them. To make this want possible, I would avail the service of an internet shop to buy books from book outlet. However, now that I have tried book depository, I am more inclined to buy here, at least no other fees.

So my experience went..

  1. I went to the bookdepository website (here)
  2. I picked a book from there book selection.
    • ( Beautify Player by Christina Lauren and The Hating Game by Sally Thorne)
  3. I ordered the books from book depository by clicking “add to basket” and “checkout”
  4. payed with a credit card
  5. waited for the Order number which was sent to my email address
  6. I used the order number to check which date the books were dispatched and where the books came from
    • The books could be dispatched from different places.. this may affect the time of arrival
  7. WAITED for the book
  8. The package was delivered to my address and no other fees were charged. It took 6 weeks before I was able to receive my book which was dispatched from UK. Considering that I’m not living in Manila the arrival time is already good.


(Package picture)


(Picture of Books)


  1. The books are in perfect condition
  2. It was packaged well
  3. Buying the books was easy if you have a Paypal account or Credit Card
  4. No tax for books
  5. Package was delivered straight to my house


  1. Having to wait for the book
  2. Postal service in the Philippines is slow
  3. Paying options are limited
  4. Conversion rates.. the value of dollar has increased against the Philippine peso

Am I still going to buy from Bookdepository?

Yes and most of them will be books which I can’t buy here in Baguio City. Since, I have a rule of buying only one book a month from each bookstore, bookdepository would help tamper down my urge to buy books (I hope).. because as of now the dollar’s value has increased. Also, for a first time experience it was a good one.


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