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Starbuck’s Butterbeer.. mischief managed

Yesterday, May 23 2018, I tried Starbucks take on the Butterbeer. I have grown up reading the Harry Potter books and there were lots of foods mentioned. While reading, I was so curious how Butterbeer tasted like. Also, I was amazed since kids would enjoy it in the book. Knowing the taste of beer, no kid would enjoy the bitter taste.

Until now at the age of 27, I’m very curious how Butterbeer would taste like. So when Starbucks created their own version of Buttebeer, I was very happy. Luckily, this Butterbeer concoction was part of their every wendesday promo. Aside from this, it only costed 100 pesos for a grande size. Fueled by my curiosity and thriftiness, I went and stood in line under the rain and waited for 45 minutes for my Butterbeer Frappe. I did not stay in the store because there was no vacant chair since there were a lot of people. This made me decide to bring my Butterbeer Frappe home.

This is how it looked like when I arrived home..hahaha


It’s not the best picture but it really tasted good..

The taste was the combination of milk, coffee and caramel. The taste of butter was also there.. I like, like, like it..It was sweet and creamy at the same time. Maybe if I spiked this it would have tasted good too.  I know a lot of people liked it since a lot of people bought it and finished it. Aside from that, some could be like me, just curious because of the influence of Harry Potter. So with this my curiosity is satisfied. Mischief Managed.


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