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BTS, Fake Love – love is imperfect to be appreciated

The music video just dropped today and yes, yes, yes, as promised by Namjoon this song is super dark. The song talks about the imperfections of love. My take on the song is that love the emotion could not be perfect. If you don’t love yourself first, you can not love truly. All imperfections should be accepted so that you would radiate love and love would be returned to you. Accepting yourself first is the first step on finding true love. However, the definition of love is subjective and depends on the perspective of the person. For me, love comes in different kinds, it could be romantic or not. It could also be consumed and filled up again. But one thing is certain, love is something that should be shared and not kept, may it be romantic or just plain love.

As for the video, the effects were nice. The waterfall with Jimin and Suga’s fire scene were epic. I don’t know how they did it, but it seems real. Also, I think the man with a black coat on fire was present in this video. Anyways, again BTS and Bighit really made a high quality for everyone to watch. Also, I think Jungkook’s abs peeped out from his top. Anyways, BTS dance moves for this MV are in sync and awesome. I love the opening of the song. The execution of their choreography is really clean and awesome. I think I have no pet peeve with this video. I also love their hair colour. At least they all have a darker shade of hair colour now. They all look good and stand out. Although, Jimin is my bias, I would say that all seven have a special place in my heart.


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