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BTS (LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear) Singularity, Comeback Trailer

Last comeback, Jimin sang Serendipity. Now, its Taehyung (a.k.a V) with Singularity. I like the vibe of this video. It has a video where I imagine myself just sitting in a bar with a drink and just listening to Taehyung’s soothing, masculine, husky voice. His voice is really as smooth and velvet as chocolate. The song has a sexy, dark tone to it that its a perfect match to Taehyung’s voice. I like the video too, because it has a lot of purple in it and everything was well thought of. Since this dropped, the comeback is really, really near, a week to go and I get to hear BTS new songs again. Their new single I think is named “Fake love”. I maybe wrong about the single title but any song by BTS would no doubt be great.


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