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Diary ng Chubby #4 – I am still liking it

Title:Diary ng Chubby #04
Author: Vanessa
Source: Bought
Kind: Pocketbook
Publication: Precious Hearts Romances (PHR)
Pages: 384 pages
Category: Comedy, Romance, Paranormal


Thoughts.. Thoughts.. Thoughts..
This is the fourth book to the Diary ng Chubby series. It is the story of Zephyr and Chona. Zephyr is a Djinn who was trapped in a piece of jewelry on his brother’s story. Now, it is his job to take care of Persephone’s decsendant who is Chona. Unknowingly, Chona has magical powers compared to a Djinn. Also, she is the only person who could banish the Vampire and Djinn’s enemy. She is also a hopeless romantic and sees Zephyr (her phantom man) in every man that she dates. However, most of her suitors get attracted to her adoptive cousins. In the end, Chona is left heart broken but hopeful that her phantom man would be come into her life already. This longing was because of her family’s want to marry her off already. Since, she is considered as an old maid by her family. Zephyr came at the right time in her life. However, Inday and Manoy were protecting her while he abducted her. Both characters are still present in this story and they added to the entertainment. Inday is still a bitter person while nothing changed with Manoy. However, both are broke and need money which is promised after helping Chona and Zephyr. In the end, evil is defeated and everyone is happy. But, Zephyr needed to really convince Chona that they belong with each other because insecurity was eating her up. Also, Inday got her happy ending with Martin the vampire.

I gave this story a four hearts rating because I enjoyed reading it. Both main characters were a joy to read. It did not have sexy adult scenes but more of affectionate ones. Since its the fourth book, I should have been tired of this seires.. BUT I’m not. I love reading this series. All of the main characters for this series are chubby yet lovable. They all get handsome- paranormal men as their husbands. The stories were similar but the leading ladies address their insecurities differently. Though the endings are the same which is a happy ending as expected.

BUY, BORROW, NEVER MIND: Buy, because for me it is one of the nice filipino pocketbook series out ther.

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion on the story. I did not receive any kind of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. I am under no obligation to write a positive review. I purchased my own copy of Diary ng Chubby #4 by Vannessa. The book photo here is from


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