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Every Beast needs a Beauty by Jonaxx – nice, nice, nice

Title: Every Beast needs a Beauty
Author: Jonaxx
Source: Bought
Kind: Pocketbook
Publication: Popfiction
Category: romance


Ako si Sunshine Aragon.

Pinalayas ako sa bahay ng aking Auntie at ng kanyang anak nang mamatay si Mama. Buong buhay ko, puro hirap at pasakit lang ang naranasan ko.

Wala akong natapos sa pag-aaral. Wala rin akong experience sa trabaho kaya kahit anong raket, kukunin ko. Kahit pa maging cigarette girl sa mga bar sa gabi at janitress para sa malupit na boss na si Rage del Fierro.

Misteryoso si Rage, pero napakagwapo niya. ‘Di ko alam kung ano ang nakita niya sa akin nang mapagdesisyunan niyang i-hire ako kahit alam ng lahat na ayaw na ayaw niya sa akin.

Magsisimula na ang bagong kabanata ng buhay ko. Sana mapaamo ko ang beast.

Sana mapaamo ko si Rage del Fierro


Here is another published wattpad novel by Jonaxx. It is written in filipino and was a treat to read. Sunshine is a girl who has a past connected to Rage. Despite this connection, Rage was able to fall in love with Sunshine. He was the very clingy and over protective type of boyfriend. He was like this because he had a secret which concerns Sunshine. As the story progressed, it became apparent to Sunshine that Rage was not fully trust worthy. She managed to leave Rage and was able to disappeared from his life. However, Rage really loved her and was ready to turn his back on his family just to be with her. In the end, Sunshine came to realise that Rage did love her but she felt bad that Rage needed to pick between her and his family. As time passed, Rage was able to make amends with his parents and Sunshine slowly became part of the family.

The story is the usual love story which everyone loves. It’s very cinderella like but had a more realistic plot. Rage and Sunshine were not perfect human beings. Sunshine did everything to survive. While, Rage acted out his revenge due to past circumstances. However, both were able to forgive each other and live again. The story shows the ups and downs of having a relationship. It had a good plot and the characters could be just like normal people. A controlling and clingy boyfriend or girlfriend does not need to be rich. Anyone could have those feelings for the people they love. Anyways, the story was good. It had a nice plot twist which surprised me. The writing was easy to understand and the sequence of events were well done. I gave this story a four hearts review because it was a good read. Although, it had a trope which was so used up, the author’s execution of the story was very good. I could read this again, if given the time. Jonaxx is one of the authors I really buy when her stories are published. I’m happy that this story did not disappoint because its my second read by her.

BUY, BORROW, NEVER MIND: Buy, it was a good story despite having a trope which was very common.


“Kung sana ay mas naging mabuting tao ako, sana ay mas karapat dapat ako sa kanya.”
-Every Beast needs a Beauty by Jonaxx

“I lost my appetite for other girls the day I kissed you”
-Every Beast needs a Beauty by Jonaxx

“I deserve every heart ache you gave me”
-Every Beast needs a Beauty by Jonaxx


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