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Baka Sakali (book#1) by Jonaxx

Title: Baka Sakali
Author: Jonaxx
Source: Bought
Kind: Pocketbook
Publication: Popfiction
Category:School life, romance

Synopsis: Gusto ni Rosie ng bagong simula.
Matapos ang hiwalayan nila ni Callix, ang nag-iisang lalaking minahal niya nang lubasan, tila pinaglaruan pa siya ng kapalaran nang kinailangang lumipat ng buong pamilya niya sa Alegria, isang simple at tahimik na probinsya na malayong-malayo sa siyudad na nakagisnan na niya.
Nang makarating na sila sa Alegria, ang bumalik sa Maynila ang unang-unang gustong gawin ni Rosie – hanggang sa makilala niya si Jacob Buenaventura.
Sa tignin ni Rosie, simpleng magsasaka si Jacob. Kahit pa nahuhumaling siya sa sparkling abs at sa napakagwapong mukha niya, alam ni Rosie na hindi posibleng maging sila. Natatakot siyang sumugal ulit sa pag-ibig pero hindi naman siguro masama kung susubok siya kahit isang beses pa?
Dahil… baka sakali… Baka sakali…

LIKENESS SCALE:❤❤❤ (3.5 hearts)

This first book is how the love story  of Rosie and Jacob started. Their love story blossomed in the province where in life was more simple. At first, their encounters were full of hate but in the end it turned into love. However, not all are happy with their relationship. This resulted to broken hearts and separate ways for both characters. Unknowingly, they are not only connected in the province but also in the city. Because of  luck and family ties they were able to connect with each other again. However, Rosie would need to be wooed again since Jacob has hurt her deeply.

This book is a published wattpad novel. It is written in tagalog and the writing is superb. I noticed that teenagers to young adults love to read this kinds of books. I had my misgivings if this is a good novel, but it only took 50 pages in the story to get me hooked. The flow of the story was so good that it made me not want to put it down. I am surprised that I liked this story. I am a very picky reader when it comes to wattpad novels, most especially stories with a romantic theme. My usual wattpad stories would have only gore and mystery. I’m not sure what to expect with the other books, since this story has 3 books and I’m only done with one. However, I’m anticipating that Rosie and Jacob would be dealing with another set of problems which would make or break their relationship. Book 1 has a lot to do with love and forgiveness. It is better to forgive the one you love because it is a win-win situation. I think reading this wattpad book has made me open to read different books, english or tagalog, may it be badly or superbly written.

I like this story. It was predictable but the writing style was the icing on the cake. The writing style had a flow to it that I did not notice the time while reading the book. I was engrossed that waiting in line in the bank was bearable. I gave this book a 3.5 hearts rating because I just liked it. It had the usual plot but Rosie and Jacob are characters that grow on you as you read. They seem so human that their mistakes are relatable. I would like to read the other 2 books if I get to have a copy. This book could be read by young adults and teenagers who are curious about love that forgives.


Mahal na mahal kita kahit ayaw mo sa akin – Baka Sakali (book#1) by Jonaxx

I wanna be your first, last and your only – Baka Sakali (book#1) by Jonaxx

Pinangako ko sa sarili kong hindi na ulit ako uuwi ng Alegria kung hindi kita kasama -Baka Sakali (book#1) by Jonaxx


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