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SMP 31 Day PocketBook Challenge

This challenge was  created by SMP -Samahan ng Mambabasa ng Pocketbook. It is an FB group made up of people who love Tagalog Pockket books. The challenge mechanics was to read a book each day for 31 days. A book review and picture should be posted on your personal album by 12 midnight. A member was eliminated once this requirements aren’t done. A member knows that he or she is removed from the contest when her personal album has been removed from the group. The contest lasted from Aug 1 to Aug 31 and this contest was made to support filipino writers and their works because August was Buwan ng Wika.

I liked this challenge. It was very challenging because I don’t really have time to read and finish a pocketbook in a day. It was really a struggle but with God’s grace I was able to finish it. I learned to manage my time wisely. Also, it made me more happy, because I get to read a book with a happy ending everyday. This is the reason why Tagalog pocketbooks are my happy pills. (Well books in general, but I get a different high when it comes to happy endings.) Honestly, it was such a long time since I read a Tagalog pocketbook. Now, thinking about it, I realized why I started reading them in the first place. I was able to finish 31 books in 31 days each having 128 pages. Also, most of this books are part of different series’ which I wanted to start and finish.

Here is a photo of my books:


I am thankful for the admin of SMP, if they didn’t make this challenge I would not be able to push myself to finish this books. Also, if another challenge would happen, I would join it as long as time will allow.


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