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The Bride of Habaek

Title: Bride of the Water God/Habaekui Shinboo/Habaek/하백의신부
Adaptation: Manga
Network: TVN
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance
Language: Korean
Number of episodes: 16


When the water god – Habaek came to earth to find the stones needed to claim his throne, So Ah’s life has been turned up side down. She is suppose to help him find these stones so that he could go back to his place as a king. However, she does not believe him to be a god and thinks he is delusional. Everything gets complicated when all the characters come together to either help Habaek or not.

LIKENESS SCALE:❤❤❤ (3.5 hearts)


On the Animation: The animation was great. It was like watching a Super hero movie produced by Marvel. Habaek’s powers which was only triggered when So Ah was in danger used special effects which seemed like he was a water bender. The animation was flawless and for a fantasy genre drama it added quality to it. The under water scenes were good. The cinematography was super nice too. I love that they used outdoor spaces with lots of trees. I don’t know if the hotel of Director Shin is real, but it looks good though.

On the Story Plot: The story was very different from the Manhwa. However, it did have its own flavor. I like the changes. It was never a big deal for me. I think the story line did not center on the other character but just on Habaek and his journey to getting the stones. I loved that Habaek was placed on a trial before being king. I was able to guess the ending and it was not bad. However, the ending was too common for me. I didn’t even understand if So Ah was given a long life, or just the endurance to see her father. Anyways, the story was okay but it lacked something.

On the Characters: Habaek is a very narcissistic god. Moo Ra is a tsundere Goddess. Bi-ryeom is a god who has anger issues. So Ah is a human who became the god’s guardian because Habaek needed her help in finding the stones. I love the interactions between Habaek-So Ah and Moo Ra -Bi-ryeom. However, the second couple got my attention. I think they have great chemistry. For the main couple, chemistry was lacking. I just did not feel the happy “kilig” feeling which I feel every time I watch k-dramas. However, as actors and actresses they played their parts well. I think it just did not click in that area.

All in All:
This is a k-drama which I really wanted to watch. I think my expectations were high but I still enjoyed watching it. I gave it a 3.5 hearts rating because for me it was just “meh”. It was just okay. It lacked the “kilig” factor which I was looking for. It did not make me anticipate the next episode. However, I was able to finish it because I was curious, if my guessed ending would happen. I love the actresses and actors in this series but I think the chemistry of the main couple was lacking. However, I love Moo Ra and Bi-ryeom, if it weren’t for this pair and my curiosity I would have not finished the series. It was not bad acting which made me give it a 3.5 hearts rating but because the lack of emotional connection which the could not be controlled. If its not a perfect fit, it will never be a perfect one.


1 thought on “The Bride of Habaek”

  1. For me too, this K-Drama lacked something. I expected too much based on the animation. Grabeee sobrang ganda. I was disappointed because I was waiting for Habaek to use or show man lang his powers as the watergod. But until the end, he wasn’t granted with that power while he stayed with So Ah. Huhu. Pero for me, kahit medyo broken hearted ako because of disappointment, it was an entertaining K-Drama. Still loved it!


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