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Tropes which satisfy my Romance genre Craving

Well, I think its safe to say that I read a lot of Romance novels. This novels could either be written in English or Tagalog. I don’t know how I got hooked up with the genre but I would like to think it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic. Reading about Happy Endings and some low key drama just makes me happy. The first novel romance that I read was published by Harlequin. I secretly read it because my grandma did not want me exposed to the hot,sexy stuff which the story contained. Now, I am not restricted anymore by my grandma. I could read anything I want, may it be romance, thriller, action, YA and detective stuff. I really love the romance genre and make sure to read a book in this genre every month. I don’t think their is the perfect romance novel, but the following tropes usually get my attention:

  • Love – hate relationships : I just love the characters to suffer first before experiencing bliss
  • Rome and Juliet like story: Again, pain before pleasure, but they don’t die, they just end up with one another
  • Soulmate/fate trope: This is something magical
  • Amnesia trope : I love the struggle of both characters, dramatic in a way
  • Alpha hero: I find it fun to read when suddenly alpha men become romantic.
  • Opposites attract: Could be connected to love hate but more on the other aspects in life and not centred on emotion
  • Tortured Soul: Male or Female has a hidden secret which may destroy the relationship
  • Unrequited love: One sided love only

Their are a lot of other tropes but for now, this are some tropes which satisfy my romance genre craving.


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