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The Billionaire Boys Club (Batch 1) by Sonia Francesca

Review from my blog on Facebook @Blessedtobeluckyblog:

I am happy to say that I was able to read this series for the 31 day pocketbook reading challenge of SMP -Samahan ng Mambabasa ng Pocketbook. This series started well. The first book was a good starter. While, the last book was my favourite. It was very sweet and I was not expecting it to be that way. The other five stories had there own flavour pero kinilig lang talaga ako kay Lantis (hehehe). I think it would be best to read the stories according to its book number. The covers did not appeal to me but because I have liked the author’s other stories, I tried these pocketbooks. Because of this first batch, I am really going to read the second batch. Over all, I liked this series, it was light,romantic, sweet and fun to read.

Rating:❤❤❤❤ (4.5 hearts rating)


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