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Something new..Book- Head- Heart reading strategy

The Book- Head- Heart  (BHH) reading strategy has a new and more personal approach to reading books. This was developed by  Kylene Beers and Robert Probst. This reading strategy is divided into three parts which is the Book, Heart and Head. Under this categories, different questions are supposed to be answered by the reader. The following are the questions for each category:


  • What’s this about?
  • What did I notice?


  • What surprised me?
  • What confused me?


  • What life lessons did I learn?
  • How will this help me to be better?

I think this strategy is a good way for me to make my book reviews. It has a personal touch to it which makes them more meaningful to me and to the readers. I am doing this strategy because it would help improve my book reviews. It has a more personal touch which I could reflect on when I reread again the book. Also, I think that everyone would want a more personal touch to book reviews. Everyone could compare and contrast their views with mine. Some may not agree with my opinion and its okay, we are all entitled to have our own opinions. I hope that different ideas, feelings and preferences on books would be shared in this blog. As a reader it is important to have an open mind to really understand a novel. Also, respect for each others opinion is important. To conclude, I will start to BHH reading strategy to make my book reviews more personal for the reader and me. Hope that everyone is looking forward to it.


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