May 2017 Wrap up


I just finished posting my April 2017 wrap up yesterday and here I am with my May 2017 wrap up. Life has been good. Blessings have over flowed and I just have the Lord to thank. Thank you very much, for I don’t deserve your goodness but you still are very good to me. Two major events happened this month and I’m excited to share them.

In My Life

May has been a good month to me. I was able to see BTS. They were able to win a Billboard Top social award. I am proud that they were able to win against the american artists. Army in twitter were actively voting that I can’t help but join in the fun. I am actually hesistant to do this wrap up because I was not able yet to blog my first concert experience which was to good to be true. It was very tiring but still a very amazing experience. BTS did not DISAPPOINT. I was super IMPRESSED. I just can’t blog it because my feelings for it haven’t settled. However, thinking about it, it has been over a month already. The concert was held for 2 days but I just got a VIP standing ticket for day 1. Again, the show did not disappoint and I was able to see the boys personally and up close. I love each and every act. Everything was well rehearsed and I appreciate it that they went to the extent to learn some tagalog phrases with the usual “Mahal ko Kayo.” Anyways after I do this Wrap up, I am definitely blogging my personal experience on the concert. Again, the month has been good but honestly for my reading performance it was not. I was too concentrated on BTS that I was not able to read as much as I would like.

On This Blog

Music Video

BTS, Spine Breaker
Sistar, Lonely


BTS winning Billboard Top Social Award

In Reading and Reviewing

I was able to read 2 books this month. I really prioritised BTS and work before my reading. I hope next month I would be able to finish more that books. If not just 2 books with more that 500 pages each. Since, its already June I am determined to finish 3 books this month because  my schedule is so indecisive. There will be times I could read, there would be times that I could not. This is the reason why I’m pegging my goal for 3 books.

❤❤❤ The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter
❤❤❤❤(4.5 hearts) The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

Currently Reading for June 2017




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