2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour – Personal Experience

This is my first time watching BTS in concert. It is also my first time watching a concert which I really saved and bought myself. The concert was sold out and a lot of people really lined up for it, some were not able to buy the tickets which they wanted. SM Malls were packed with fans called ARMY who wanted to watch BTS live. The concert was so worth the struggle and stress that I was euphoric after the concert..

Here is a more detailed account of my BTS concert adventure..

Before the Concert

It was literally like a Hunger Games event. Lucky fans were able to get there ticket at the SM mall but  I was not one of the lucky ones . After, lining up for 6 to 8 hours at most.. I resorted to buying in SM’s ticket internet site and lucky me I was able to buy the ticket which I want. It was the standing VIP D ticket for the first day. I picked that area because the stage would be really close to you as long as you situated yourself properly. I was able to buy tickets for me and my friend who lives in manila. For the 6 to 8 hours of waiting in line, I was able to meet fellow k-pop fans. They were either multi fandom fans or just BTS fans. Never the less, we just all wanted to see BTS perform live.

This was the design of the ticket.. I just wished that it was more artsy.. hahaha.. my ticket was expensive so i expected more


This is the seat plan with the ticket prices..



The concert venue was in MOA Arena in Manila. This all happened last May 6, 2017 and still it feels just like yesterday. Anyways, Manila is a very hot place but the venue for VIP standing was windy so the heat was not that bothersome. What bothered me was that the line numbers were not followed, I was just lucky that my friend was able to line up early so I just needed to find her and fall in line with her. This was very disappointing since I was hoping that PULP who are the concert organizers would have seen this problem happening. A lot of fans were also selling BTS merchandise outside the MOA arena. It was total chaos but it was the kind where everyone was excited for the concert. My friend stood up in line for 3 hours aside from the concert event proper which is another 3 hours at most. She was really tired but suddenly perked up when the organisers were letting the concert goers in. Something positive really comes out with waiting in line and that is  my friend and I was able to meet new people who love BTS as much as we do.

This was their poster outside MOA Arena



Luckily, the concert venue had a strong aircon. My friend and I were able to situate ourselves near the railings. It had a good view and the aircon was really blasting on our backs. Pulp had a bouncer who came to our place and started teasing us. He would tell us that BTS was ugly and that they smelled. Also, he told us that we were there because we did not have boyfriends. This was really mean of him, but my friend and I just laughed him off. We just offered him some food but he did not want any. When he realised that no one was minding him, he left our side. Also, he just reminded us that we should not picture the guys but how can you stop fan girls from doing that? That would be an impossible feat.. While waiting for BTS, Army just fan chanted and sang there songs which two big video screens played.. The energy in the venue was full of anticipation and excitement for everyone really wanted to see BTS already..



The concert started after the announcement of SM. I really did not see the guys at first but some said that they were just standing in the stage like standees. However, what I know is that my heart beat so fast because I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I can’t contain my excitement.. so I was shouting Waaaaahhhh!!! There first song was Not Today and they all were projected on the screen. I was expecting them to have tan skin but they did not.. well this expectation of mine was made because they spent 1 week in the beaches of the Philippines..

Going back to the concert, they all looked healthy and well rested.. They were not ugly and smelly. On the contrary, all of them looked and smelled good.. I can’t pick my bias they all looked so hot, handsome and sexy.. Namjoon a.k.a. Rap Monster was the member who surprised me most. He really is handsome and has a strong appeal. His stage presence is so strong that you can’t help but look at him. The other members looked dashing. They all look like their pictures but more handsome. Jimin is not small, he is just the shortest among the members but he isn’t short when compared to filipino height.. hahaha. His hands were cute.. i just wished he had black hair but he was still handsome, he smiled a lot in our direction too, Jungkook had nice thighs.. he looked so innocent.. V was wearing a hat which exposed his forehead.. he looked like a french painter with his hat.. Jin was really a visual, he looked hadsome in a pretty way.. Suga was so pale that he looked fragile but when he raps with tenacity that you would wonder where did that come from.. Jhope was very tall and slim.. but not as slim as Jimin.. He was handsome too and his smile dazzled everyone. I really can’t pick a bias my love for them as a group has grown because of this concert. Vocal abilities were unique for each person. They had the same voice quality as the recorded one, if not better. Jimin’s high notes, Jungkook’s runs, V’s husky voice, Namjoon, Suga and J-Hope’s Rap.. when combined make great music.. Before the concert,  I was so curious how they sounded live and I was not disappointed. Aside from looking great, they all sounded great.

The setlist for the whole concert is..

Intro (Intro VCR)..Not Today..Am I Wrong..Silver Spoon..Dope..Intermission (VCR)..Begin (Jungkook solo)..Lie (Jimin solo)..

Intermission: (VCR)..First Love (Suga solo)..Lost.. Save ME..I Need U..

Intermission: (VCR)..Reflection (Rap Monster solo)..Stigma (V solo)..

Intermission: (VCR)..MAMA (J-Hope solo)..Awake (Jin solo)..BTS Cypher 4..Fire..N.O. / No More Dream / Boy In Luv / Danger / RUN / War of Hormone..21st Century Girl..Intro : Boy Meets Evil (Short version)..Blood Sweat & Tears

Encore: A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone..(VCR)..Outro: Wings..2! 3! (Hoping For More Good Days)..Spring Day

The whole concert lasted for 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes.  The Introduction video was well made and it helped hyped up the atmosphere. Lights went out, everyone was expecting BTS to come out any minute.. and there they were standing on platforms which were coming down. while intro of NOT TODAY was playing..

What I can’t forget is BTS talked in tagalog.. I appreciate it that they try to talk to PH-ARMY in our native language… The effort they placed into it was good. They did an awesome job using filipino to communicate their thanks and love for us PH-ARMY.. Their last video used tagalog to convey the message of the video.. They used deep words which is very nice but could be simplified in simple words..Anyways the fan projects was a success for the 2!3! and spring day violet and green lights were amazing when seen from above. I was sort of jealous for the second day because they had a Philippine flag for the lights but hey first day’s fan project aesthetically looked nice. I am very happy to be part of the 2!3! fan project where everyone was singing to it. It was very fun and touching to be able to sing a long with BTS. In other countries it is impolite to do this but in the Philippines its not.. we just really want to have fun and I personally think a singer would only know that their songs are appreciated when other people sing it with love. The ending of the concert was very touching, I like how they bowed,how they said their thanks and after the show they have convinced me that I was loving the right k-pop group.

BTS speaking tagalog

2!3! Fan project Day1



After the concert, a lot of people were crying because of joy and laughter. I was not because I believe in what Namjoon said that is “magkita tayo ulit” which means let us see each other again. This means I need to save again for their coming concert. I would like the same area but different a view. Anyways the whole concert was great, fantastic and everything I ever wanted. I was cheering to the extent of shouting the whole time that my throat felt soar the next day. NOW, I KNOW THAT ONE DAY WITH BTS ISN’T ENOUGH. The guys were so near in my area that you could definitely touch them, to the extent that you could grab them and bring them home. I would definitely not do this because the bouncer might loose his job. hahahaha..  I’m just thankful that nothing untoward happened while the concert was on going. I definitely had fun, my most memorable part would be the encore of the concert, yes it is the last but it was the most meaningful part for me. This is where all of them smiled in my direction. I was not able to capture this moments in pictures because I wanted to savour the moment. I just really wanted to immerse myself in the concert and enjoy the moment.. which I really did.  I don’t have a favourite solo part, I love them all.

Now, I understand why I can’t choose a bias, all 7 of them were amazing. My standards for following a group would be like how I feel for BTS, I should love all members.  I love the whole concert and I hope BTS would truly come back with something better if not the same quality content of their concert now. Again..the videos were amazing..BTS was amazing and Big hits staff was amazing.. The organizer-PULP though needs to work more to provide better service. I love this concert and I thank God for giving me the chance to meet BTS in person. I am excited for next year, I hope I would be able to save enough for their concert. The process from getting the ticket and waiting in line before the concert required a lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears but the concert experience was too good to be true that I am happy until today just thinking about it. All in all, because of this concert I still have PCD and I’m still not over it. Well, BTS really knows how to satisfy a fan so here I am supporting them. Their quality songs, hard work, humility, dorkiness and team work convinced me to support them in every endeavour they have.Though the price was expensive.. The concert was worth its price.. I got to see them so near.. They sang live and I was able to fangirl my heart out with no one to judged me.. it was so stress relieving. liberating that it was worth every centavo paid..All in all, this concert experience was so magical and memorable that I would be able to tell it to my grandchildren If ever I’ll have them. To appreciate BTS more I suggest that you should also try their music and if you like it then go to their concert.. for their vocals are better live than the recorded one.

note: all videos and pictures don’t belong to me.


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