RM & V, 4o’clock

Oh my.. this song was dropped last June 8, 2017. It was part of the BTS FESTA 2017 as another surprise for the fans by Rap Monster and V. It was both produced by them. I LOVE the song. Their voices go well together, both mellow and husky. RM’s rap cuts through that it becomes a song full of  emotions which can’t be contained. I don’t know if its a sad song or just an emotional one. An emotional one, meaning that a lot of feelings could be triggered by the song. This song has a very soft and mellow melody and its nice to note that the rap part  it not over power its softness. The rap added more emotion to the song too. It took me so long to blog this because I really got sentimental when I first listened to this song. It made me think about a lot things. Also, I was not able to think logically, I just felt the song and can’t express my feelings for it in words. Even when I read the translations, I was not able to put my feelings for the song into words. So I therefore conclude that I just LOVE this song, even if I don’t understand why. Also, until today, when I listen to this song the hair on my arms stand up. It is an amazing song and kudos to RM and V who made it.

Original link : here


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