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G-Dragon, Untitle, 2014

This was released yesterday, June 8 2017. I am late but still by just a day. Anyways, this song’s melody is sad compared to the other songs in his current album. This song is very mellow, that G-dragon’s voice is so raw that the emotions are laid out in front of you. The emotions I feel when I hear this song is sadness, honesty and hope. The first time I heard this song, the hair on my arm stood up because of the raw emotion of the singer. Kudos to G-Dragon, he is truly a legend who makes music from the heart. I read the translation for this lyrics and it really fits the song. (To read the translation please click here). I don’t know if this song is connected to what happened to T.O.P. but the current events regarding Bigbang are very sad. However, I think the song is more of a loved one which he lost and wants to meet again if they were reborn again. The other songs in his album are more lively and fun. This song is set apart because of its message and its melody. So please check out G-Dragon’s MV below:

For the full album:


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