Jungkook &Jimin, We don’t talk anymore (cover song)

I’m so happy to the extent that I can’t breathe properly.. last night BTS dropped this song cover which featured members Jimin and Junkook. This is one of their gifts to their fans for the BTS FESTA 2017. BTS FESTA is an event every year wherein series of gifts from BTS are given to their fans until their anniversary (June 13). This is done every year. A gift is uploaded in their twitter, youtube and Facebook account per day until their anniversary day. These gifts compose of songs, special performance and other special things which fans love to comment on and appreciate. For this year the Festa began with a skit by BTS and it will end with a song by SUGA, Jin and Jungkook. (for a complete list of activities please click here). The Festa is a way for BTS to thank fans for being with them since their debut. It has become a tradition which both ARMY and BTS celebrate together.

This Festa has become more fun as the days pass. I am really looking forward to more surprises from BTS. Everyday with BTS really is something to look forward to. I always ask myself when will I move on to another fandom but I think that is impossible now. BTS really got me hook, line and sinker. They release amazing content which makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Also, I feel that they are sincere with their gratitude to fans. To the extent they would make this Festa possible. I’m so thankful that I have learned about them through youtube.

Going back to We don’t talk anymore, the song dropped on the third day of the festa. It literally took my breathe away. I won’t say that it is better than the original, but I DEFINITELY love this cover more. I’m definitely biased because JIMIN is singing his english parts so well. As for Jungkook, he was amazing too. He covered this song last year so he did not surprise me that much (we don’t talk anymore part1). Charlie Puth also liked his rendition of the song. Jungkook’s cover was amazing but when Jimin’s voice was added it became more swoon worthy. Their harmonising sounded like heaven. I feel very special because of this. Their effort to bring this song cover out, most especially Jimin’s made me LOVE them more. As background info, Jimin expressed his worries in their short opening skit for this years festa.. He was very worried about his parts in the festa, because he might not do well.. But HE REALLY SLAYED THIS SONG COVER.. This is the reason why I love BTS, they deliver quality content which my heart would love always.

It was almost midnight in the Philippines when Big hit dropped this cover. Imagine, middle of the night and I was about to sleep but NO, I was wide awake because of this cover. I lost my urge to sleep because of my happiness. For me, It really felt like Christmas. Anyways, Jimin’s voice sounds so dreamy that I can’t help but fan girl to the extent my brothers were looking weirdly at me. I am so proud of Jungkook and Jimin, the cover is so pleasing to the ears that I could listen to it all day.  I just wish that Jimin would be more confident of his talents because he is very special. It’s nice to know that he acknowledges his short comings, but a little confidence would be nice too. Despite  his attitude self pity, I definitely love and admire his work ethic, music, personality and looks. Anyways, I would always be singing praises about Jimin and BTS as a group, because they deserve it.

so please do check out their song cover, you won’t regret it.


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