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Sistar, Lonely

A few days ago, Sistar a k-pop group consisting of 4  sexy and talented women, namely Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom decided to go their separate ways. They decided to disband so that they can concentrate on their individual careers. Lonely is the last song which they brought out as a group. It just came out yesterday, May 31 2017.  Before everything else, I am thankful to Sistar happy memories which I have accumulated because of their music.

Every summer, Sistar is the girl k-pop group which I look forward to. Their summer songs and music videos were both fun to hear and watch. I really love their songs. My favourite is loving you, Ma boy and shady girl. These songs were not their recent ones but they were the songs which got me hooked up with Sistar. I am saddened by the news that they disbanded already but that is life, people need to move ahead to improve. It is nice to know that their disbandment was not as controversial as 2ne1.

Their last song, Lonely has a sad feel to it. It is different from the usual songs which Sistar brings out. I love the melody of the song. They have voices which perfectly blend. Most of Sistar’s songs are fun and happy but this song is the total opposite. However, it does describe my sad mood because of their disbandment. Despite this feeling I would like remember Sistar as a k-pop group which made me smile because of their fun and happy music.


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