BTS winning Billboard Top Social Award


I can’t help it… I’m just so proud that BTS won the Billboard Top Social Award. I definitely think they deserve it. The passion and dedication they have for their craft is very admirable. Also, their humble  and thankful attitude encourages me more to admire them. Somehow, being the only K-pop group nominated  and won for a Billboard award is a big achievement on their part. I love that they came from humble backgrounds. It made them more grounded, if not, it made them appreciate everything that they have been receiving lately. I have been to their concert last May 6, 2017 and it was a very different and exhilarating experience. Watching them live dancing, singing and speaking tagalog was very touching. Again, the effort they place in trying to communicate their love and craft is commendable.(Until now, I could not fix my feelings for that concert which is why I haven’t blogged about it. I am sure that I would be able to blog about it by the end of this month.)

For, the billboards, I believe that every Army has voted for them. It is nice to know that they trust Army and vice versa. Again, I’m happy that they were able to get the award which they totally deserve. There maybe haters but no one can deny that they have won a Billboard award. Also, the guys look super dashing, handsome and fresh for the magenta carpet. However, I wished Jimin would have his not today hairstyle but he has black hair which is enough for me already. Anyways, all of them were stunning and adorable in their own way. Before, I forget, Namjoon shined the most today, all of the english questions were answered by him. BTS  is so lucky to have him as their leader. Army is also lucky to have him interpret the english questions to hangul. All in all, I’m super happy and delighted that they won, to the point where I actually cried when they received their award.

Here are some pictures which is from their arrival to the billboard award ceremony..

At the Airport..


At the Magenta Carpet..


BTS picture after they got the award…



Disclaimer: I don’t own the pictures.


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