BTS, Spine Breaker

BTS  surprised fans by dropping a Music Video of  spine breaker in V-live (BTS Gayo episode 15).   This music video was personally made and videoed by them. They had their own roles which contributed to the making of the video. BTS members cooperate really well because this Music Video was done with out too much fuss. I watched the whole BTS Gayo episode and I enjoyed it. It was entertaining and ADORKABLE that I can’t help but love the group more.

Anyways, Spine breaker is one of their old songs which has a very relevant message today. Its message is that we sometimes need to keep up appearances despite financial woes. In school, peer pressure would make us try to keep up with the trends even if our parents can’t afford it. Also, being succumbed to peer pressure results to a fake image. This song reminds us that being materialistic isn’t the right way to go. It makes us look narcissistic and selfish to the point spines break just to ensure that we look good and are in the loop. As a song, spine breaker has a hiphop beat which would encourage you to sing along. Another fact is that, This song is part of their album Skool Luv Affair which was released last 2014.

The music video is very dorky. I love the shiny stuff and lights. The video editing is good. Their dance moves which were made by Seokjin was very literal, to the point that for the word spine breaker they bend their backs. I personally liked the dollar effects on Jimin’s sunglasses. This video showed that BTS has a lot of sunglasses. All in all, this video exposed BTS’  loveable and dorky side.

Please watch the whole BTS Gayo episode 15 (here) to appreciate their effort more.


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