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When the Duke Returns by Eloisa James

2900990Title:  When the Duke Returns (Desperate Duchesses #04)
Author: Eloisa James
Source: Secondhand
Edition: Masspaperback
Publication: November 25th 2008 by Avon
Pages: 375 pages
Category: Romance, Historical, Fiction, Chick Lit



On the cover: This book is just like any cover of a historical romance book. It has a very attractive female as a model. The colour of the book is pink. I like this cover because it isn’t too sexy compared to others. Also, the model looks sassy as the heroine in the story. I agree with the blurb of Lisa Kleypas because it definitely describes the writing style of Eloisa James.

On the story plot:  The story is complicated but is simplified..

  1. The main characters have been married by proxy
  2. Heroine waits for husband who has been travelling to other countries before they were married
  3. Husband returns and demands an annulment
  4. Heroine convinces husband that they were meant to be together by helping him fix his problems due to the unmaintained estate left by his father the former duke
  5. Husband falls in love with heroine and vis-versa
  6. They lived happily ever after even if they have their differences

On the characters:  Isidore is a very strong heroine. She is not afraid to do what is right. As long as it will benefit the image of the Duke, she would do it. Her loyalty to her unknown husband was very admirable. However, she had a hard time following the Duke’s orders. Somehow, this attitude of hers does not appeal to the Duke. On the other hand, the Duke is a very hands on guy. He wants to be always in charge. He demands that his orders should be followed always because it is for the safety of everybody. Although, Isidore and Simeon have characteristics that clash, the story became more interesting because of it. In my opinion, it gave the story more flavour because of their banters and relationship drama.

All in all: I love how Eloisa James wrote this novel. It was very entertaining, to the point that I was able to read it while the circumstances weren’t ideal for reading.  The writing style is superb. It had the right amount of drama and sass. I gave this story a 4 hearts rating because the story plot was not different from other stories except for that they were married by proxy.  However, Eloisa James’ writing style made the story interesting, funny and swoon worthy. I realised that stories would always have the same story plot but the writer’s talent would always make  the reading experience different for each reader.


“I don’t want to have to earn love by giving up my ability to make decisions that determine how I live.”
― Eloisa James, When the Duke Returns

“They were partners. She would always make impulsive decisions and he would make slow, reasoned ones. He would always be a little terrified that she would look at him with the scorn he saw in his mother’s eyes. And she would always be a little terrified that he would look at her and not love her enough.

In short, they were made for each other.”
― Eloisa James, When the Duke Returns



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