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Paramore, Hard Times

I’m super happy that Paramore has a new song. It’s been about 4 years since they released something new. I like this song since its tune is fun, catchy and you can dance with it.  I think this has a house music feel to it, if not dance music.  The ironic thing is that the song’s  lyrics describes life during hard times. The Music video looks fun because of the electric effects. The set and background effects are very psychedelic with all its colours and patterns. It’s just nice to hear a new song from Paramore. Somehow this is something new compared to Still into you and Ain’t it Fun, which are my favourite songs from Paramore. Despite it being different from the 2 songs, I like this song, with its irony and all. I’m also just happy that Paramore made a new song after 4 years.


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