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My Weekly Reflections 040217

Although, I have my daily gratitude list, I have not been able to update it daily, if not regularly. Now, I’m opting instead for a weekly reflections post. The reason for this is because a daily post is not ideal for my schedule at the moment. Anyways, this post would be more substantial than my daily gratitude posts which I have been doing early this year. I plan on doing this every sunday so please brace yourself cause my thoughts and emotions would flow in one blog post


This week has been a very eye opening week. I have real friends that I can rely on. Somehow, I made a big expensive mistake and they helped me fix it. I met new friends while waiting in line for the BTS wing concert tickets. I enjoyed fangirling with them, because they love k-pop more than me. Conversations with them were very refreshing because they like the things I like, particularly K-pop.  I also realised that my grandma and mother are really the best in the world. They are the best because they compliment me in different ways. I think they are the only people I fear (except God). I don’t like them getting mad. I also don’t feel good when I don’t meet their standards. I realise that we need people like them in our lives. They help us control our inner mischievousness. I do have a lot of that and I’m happy that they rein that in for me when it’s needed.

What I’m Thankful for:

  1. Family
  2. New and Old friends
  3. BTS
  4. Music
  5. Ideas
  6. Sore Throat

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