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Beauty and the Beast


Movie info from rotten
Title: Beauty and the Beast

PG (for some action, violence, peril and frightening images.)
Genre: Drama, Musical & Performing Arts, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance
Directed By: Bill Condon
Written By: Evan Spiliotopoulos, Stephen Chbosky
In Theaters: Mar 17, 2017  Wide
Box Office: $170,000,000.00
Runtime: 129 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures


Belle (Emma Watson), a bright, beautiful and independent young woman, is taken prisoner by a beast (Dan Stevens) in its castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the beast’s hideous exterior, allowing her to recognize the kind heart and soul of the true prince that hides on the inside.

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My thoughts:

On the Animation: The whole movie used a lot of CGI and I loved it. People as cutlery and house items were possible because of this. The CGI was of very high quality which made everything seemed real. I love how the beasts castle was made. It was very gothic at first, in the end, it was very bright that the places seemed different from one another.

On the Story Plot: I appreciate that Belle and the Beast’s back stories were tackled in the movie. It made me understand more why and how the story came to be. The movie also emphasised the relationship of Maurice and Belle. I love this because it shows that both have sacrificed something for each other. Also, the relationship between the beast’s servants and him run deeper than just the curse. They were the people who brought him up which makes them want to be him till the curse ends.

On the Characters: Belle is my ideal heroine and Emma Watson was my ideal actress to act her out.  Belle is a character which needs someone just as strong as her to portray. Also, she is very fearless and different. I admire Belle so much because she reads books, unique and open to change. On the other hand, Beast who is portrayed by Dan Stevens was also a good choice. Because, I shipped Draco and Hermione so much, I was hoping it was Tom Felton. However, now that I think about it, Dan Stevens was a perfect choice. His voice was very powerful to match the Beast’s voice and it just seemed perfect. The Beast’s character was bitter at first but as Belle got to know him, he became humorous, charming and helpful. The antagonist, who is Gaston was the usual narcissist. He only loved himself to the extent that he seemed crazy. Lumiere and Cogsworth had their bantering moments. Ms. Potts and Chip were like in the animated movie. They both serve tea and made sure that Belle is comfortable in the castle. Some characters are new, like Cadenza who is the piano player of the Beast. Some of the characters’ sexual orientation were also changed. It made the movie a little different, in a unique way.

All in All: The movie was AMAZING. It was very magical, nostalgic and brilliant. I liked the additional songs. I especially liked the song, sang by Maurice. It was very sentimental that I had my eyes watering. Even the dancing scene of Belle and Beast,  I was just so overwhelmed with emotions that I cried with happiness. It was so magical that no words could described how I felt that time. I gave this movie a 5 hearts and more rating because it was just so good that I could not ask for more. I love the prequel stories of the main characters. I also love the songs which were added in the movie. I definitely love that the Beast’s humour was dry. Even the actors, the casting agency could not have procure a more perfect cast as this one. All in all, the movie exceeded my expectations and I’m definitely on cloud nine right now because of it.


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