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BTS Music Video Reaction

I’m so late with this post but I’m still doing it. I’m in love with their recent come back song that it has made my fangirl feelings for BTS stronger. The group has brought out two music videos which can evoke different feelings.

MV summary reaction for Spring Day:

  • symbolism, symbolism, symbolism
  • I love the pastel colours
  • I love the melody and rap
  • Rap monsters violet hair suits him
  • lots of clothes
  • Jin’s voice really cuts through
  • this feels so melancholic

MV summary reaction for Not Today:

  • Trailer type.. heartbeat
  • Wow! lots of back up dancers
  • Jungkook’s solo dance part was nice
  • Jimin’s hair is like pink cotton candy
  • V looks very handsome
  • Suga’s rap at the first part was lit
  • Dance choreography is soooooo good
  • I enjoyed watching this music video

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