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Valentines day sentimentality

Valentines day is when people show their special someone that they truly love them. Flowers and other gifts are given out. This depends on the taste of the receiver and the budget of the giver. Now, some ladies would prefer to have a teddy bear than flowers. Others, would just want to spend the day with their loved one. Sometimes the cost would not even matter, as long as it is something which the receiver would love.

However, when your single (like me),this day would make you really realise how lonely it can be with out a special someone. Despite this feeling, I am thankful for family and friends who everyday showers me with unconditional love . Being single is really good because its empowering and its an opportunity to know yourself. But there are times that loneliness would creep in your heart.

I read a blog article titled, Nikki Gil: Love can be easy and it has comforted me in times of loneliness. It reminded me that God has the best plan for me, that in loneliness I should cling to Him and that He would not abandon me. I also realised that loving a person should be easy as breathing air. It is given freely despite one’s faults. The best thing that I learned from the article is that it is okay to ask the Lord to make the waiting less lonely.

To end this blog post, I would like to share a prayer suggested by Nikki Gil. This prayer can be prayed by anyone, but it gives the most comfort to those who are lonely.

“God your will, your timing, person of your choice, but please keep me from being lonely during the wait.”




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