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Beauty and the Beast Movie… I just can’t wait!


A month or more to go before the Beauty and the Beast premiers in the local cinema, and I just can’t contain my excitement! I just really need to blog about it since I’m a total fan girl of Belle. She is such a book nerd that she could be courted with the library. I don’t blame her, The Beast’s library is super amazing. It has a lot of books and she could stay there day and night just reading. Belle was the first disney princess which I have related to. She loves books, her father and is ambitious (she wants adventure in the great wide somewhere). Emma Watson as Belle was the perfect fit and the actor for the beast is handsome.

I am anticipating a wonderful, amazing movie because of the cast, music and CGI effects. The trailers in youtube also added to the hype. The rendition of Ariana Grande and John Legend of Beauty and the Beast was very smooth that it was so touching and soulful. Also, when compared to Celine Dione and Peabo Bryson rendition theirs did not fall short.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am with the movie. Its for everyone. The movie, I think will have no age limit however, it would be in the PG (Parental Guidance) category if there was any limit. The idea of Beauty and the Beast turned into a live action movie is still so surreal for me. I think that when I’ll be watching it, my fan girl emotions won’t take it and I would just cry tears of joy. (I’ll need to bring a pack of tissue when I watch this movie. (>_<))

Thank you for reading my fan girl blurb.
God bless,


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