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3 books to date on valentines day

Its February and valentines day is almost near. I think that something romantic would be suitable to read for valentines day. This post is just me sharing some books which I think are perfect to read for this occasion.

First on my list is The sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon. It’s a book where the guy tries to win the affections of the lady in a day. Honestly, I am not yet done reading this book but it deserves to be read in valentines day. I love how both, science and love are compared, contrasted and intertwined. I don’t know the ending but I’m praying its satisfying.


My next book for this list is  I’ve got your number by Sophie Kinsella. It’s an adult contemporary which could really happen, if your not accused of stealing the phone in the first place. The wit and humour made this read very different from the other books which I have encountered. In my opinion, this is still the best novel written by Sophie Kinsella.



Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, I believe is a must-read for this romantic season. Its a classic and as ladies we could learn a lot from Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. A lot of romantic novels have been inspired by this novel which makes it so epic. I picked this novel because, I just love how Elizabeth values love above other things when it comes to marrying.

I hope you enjoy this short list of books which are good reads for this valentine season. I have read I’ve got your number and Pride and Prejudice which I think is very cute and romantic at the same time. As for The sun is also a star, I’m currently reading it.. and its a great, cute, fluffy read. I hope everyone would have a fun valentines day. As for me, valentines day will be spent working, writing my thesis and reading.

Have a great day,
God Bless!


1 thought on “3 books to date on valentines day”

  1. *claps* Yes girl to all three. I haven’t actually read The Sun Is Also A Star but I read her other book and know she writes great romance. The other two are the greatest though. I love Sophie Kinsella and always recommend her.

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