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12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

Since december is the month where Christmas is celebrated, this book tag is really suitable for this month. I saw this book tag in #lovebooks blog and I am in the mood for something christmassy so I’m doing this book tag. Please do visit her site for she has cute posts about books. The book tag is based on the song 12 days of Christmas so the book tag starts with…

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me- a Partridge in a pear tree.”
The Partridge stood alone in the pear tree, what is your favourite stand-alone:
My favourite stand alone would be Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. This book took me by surprise. It was so good that I always recommend it to my friends who shy away from reading.


“On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- two turtle doves,”
Love is in the air, who is your one true pairing?
My Canon OTP would be Selena and Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass. I liked how they interacted with one another and they just seemed to fit. I liked how Chaol treats Selena, he can be romantic and professional at the same time.


“On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- three French hens,”
In the spirit of threes, what is your favourite trilogy?
My favourite trilogy would be Hunger games series. It introduced me to dystopian novels and I’m very thankful for that.


“On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- four calling birds,”
Series usually consists of four or more books, what is your favourite series?
My answer is the most used answer and it would be the Harry Potter Series. My love for this series is to deep that even now I would love to reread the whole series just to experience the Harry Potter universe again.51mii4p2yyl-_sx258_bo1204203200_

“On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- five golden rings,”
One ring to rule them all, who is your favourite villain/antagonist?

My favourite villain is Maven from the Red Queen series. He was a very effective antagonist because I was so disappointed with him after reading Red Queen.


“On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- six geese a laying,”
Creation is a beautiful thing, what is your favourite world?
My favourite world of both Agatha and Sophie from The school of Good and Evil by Soman Chahani. I would love to have my own fairytale.


“On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- seven swans a swimming,”
Who needs seven swans when it only takes one animal to make a great sidekick, Who’s your favourite animal sidekick?
My favourite sidekick would be Hedwig from The Harry Potter Series. I liked that owls can be loyal to there masters. Also, Hedwig was so pretty.

“On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- eight maids a milking,”
Milk is so 18th century, which books or series take food to a whole new level?
Toriko by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro takes food to a whole new level. It is a manga series that makes gathering ingredients of food to a whole new level. Also, the ingredients are super rare and weird that the main characters have special abilities to acquire them7433668.

“On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- nine ladies dancing,”
These ladies must be great at dancing, who is your favourite female lead?
My favourite female lead is Selena from The Throne of Glass series. I love how passionate she is about books and that she could defeat men in arms.

“On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- ten lords a leaping,”
How about your favourite leading lord (male)?
My favourite male lead would be Artemis Fowl from the Artemis Fowl series. I loved the first book where he was the antagonist but still the male lead. His reasons for being the antagonist made him more adorable and definitely misunderstood. 249747

“On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- eleven pipes pipping,”
What is your favourite book, with a major musical influence?
I just finished This savage song by Victoria Schawb and I love the concept of August and his violin. I liked the idea of how music was used as a weapon to purify.


“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me- twelve drummers drumming,”
Drum roll please, what is your favourite read this year?
My favourite reads this year would be Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas and Salt to the Sea by Sepetys. I love both of this novels because they intrigued me. Also, they were very different from the books which I was used to reading. I think this year my reading portfolio diversified because of this books.


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