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A Scandalous Regency Christmas by Christine Merrill , Annie Burrows, Marguerite Kaye, Barbara Monajem , Linda Skye

18761679Title: A Scandalous Regency Christmas
Author: Christine Merrill , Annie Burrows, Marguerite Kaye, Barbara Monajem , Linda Skye
Source: Bought
Edition: Paperback
Publication: Mills & Boon
Pages: 336 pages
Category: Regency, Romance, Humor, Fantasy


Christine Merrill
Danyl Fitzhugh vows he can turn any woman, even innocent Sarah Branford, into an actress. But Sarah is more than she seems…

Marguerite Kaye
Captain Fergus Lamont has invited Susanna Hunter to spend Christmas with him in the Highlands. He suggests she pretends to be his fiancée…

Annie Burrows
Lord Crispin Sinclair will come home for his brother’s Christmas nuptials only if widow Lady Caroline Fallowfield will share his bed…

Barbara Monajem
Notorious rake Camden Folk, Marquis of Warbury desires beautiful Frances Burdett. And Yuletide at his country estate is perfect for her seduction…

Linda Sky
Juliana Wright needs the help of devilishly handsome Captain Rawden Wood, a renowned pirate. But he could dishonour her or reveal her biggest secret!

LIKENESS SCALE:❤❤❤ (3.5 hearts)


Most of the short stories which made up this book tackled second chances when it came to love.  They had different situations which anybody can relate to. In my opinion, the stories were too short that it encourages the reader to imagine the ending.

TO UNDO A LADY by Christine Merrill was about finding the right kind of love and keeping it. Even if the heroine was abused by her earl- husband. She never closed her heart to the new love which she felt for Danyl Fitzhugh. However, Danyl Fitzhugh is a guy who has experienced love and loss many times. This made it hard for Sarah to prove that she would stay for good.

AN INVITATION TO PLEASURE by Marguerite Kaye was about love that could happen if you give it a chance. Susanna is a heroine who had a hard marriage life. However, she was one of the few who became stronger because of her former womanising husband. After mourning for her late husband she accepted an invite from Captain Ferguson to spend Christmas with him. When she arrived, Susanna was surprised that the captain needed her  to act as a fake fiancé for the people under his care. She said yes to his request with the condition that they would go their separate ways at the end of the holidays.However, by the end of the holidays both gave up there personal struggles and fell in love with each other.

HIS WICKED CHRISTMAS WAGER by Annie Burrows was about still being in love with your first love and taking the second chance of loving him or her again. Caroline as a heroine was very headstrong, selfless and responsible. However, due to her being responsible and selfless she has missed the opportunity to be with her first love, Lord Crispin Sinclair. She married someone who was rich enough to pay her father’s debt. When this happened, Lord Sinclair has fallen from grace with society. Until, Caroline got widowed did she contact Lord Sinclair because of his brother’s and her sister’s wedding. At least by Christmas both were able to share there true feeling with one another.

A LADY’S LESSON IN SEDUCTION by Barbara Monajem was a story of love that is selfless. Although, the Marquis of Warbury was a known rake, he definitely had a soft spot for Frances Burdett. He was willing enough to become the guinea pig for Frances Burdett when it came to rekindling her romantic passions. Little by little he was able to warm the heart of Frances.Likewise, Frances was able to see that there is more to the Marquis than his reputation as a rake. The story had a fairy tale aspect which made it stand out from the other stories.

THE PIRATE’S RECKLESS TOUCH by Linda Sky was a story about unexpected love. This story had a very distinct flavour to it. The heroine and pirate both were strong and proud characters. Their fates were entwined because Juliana needed Captain Rawden’s assistance in getting the treasure. They made bargain which made Captain Rawden agree to help her. As they made their way to the treasure, some pirates tried to stop them. Love unexpectedly happened and jealousy bloomed too. At the end of the story they were able to find the treasure and in my opinion an unexpected plot twist happened.

I gave this book a 3.5 hearts rating because I liked some and loved some of the stories. All the stories were set in Christmas which is a very special occasion. I liked how different scenarios of falling-in-love were discussed per story. Among the five stories my favourite would be THE PIRATE’S RECKLESS TOUCH by Linda Sky. It was a fun, funny, romantic and hot read. I loved the plot twist and I was contented with the whole story. I am not comfortable with open ended story endings but the ending for this story was good enough for me.


‘Fairy tales are fun,’ Frances said indignantly’Believing in them does no harm.’
A Lady’s Lesson in Seduction by Barbara Monajem

‘You mustn’t let an unfortunate experience ruin you for one of life’s great pleasures.’
A Lady’s Lesson in Seduction by Barbara Monajem

But what was the good of liberty if you were not happy?
An Invitation to Pleasure by Marguerite Kaye

Then she suddenly doubled over, choking in laughter. He was jealous. The thought was at once a source of relief and amusement. Just jealous. And then realisation hit her- she was happy that he hadn’t truly been disgusted by her, and that somehow deep inside of him, he wanter her for his own. A second more important realisation dawned on her then: she wanted him for her own as well.
The Pirate’s Reckless Touch by Linda Skye

“Despite what you may expect for me, I am not going anywhere. I like things just as they are.”
To Undo a Lady by Christine Merrill


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