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The Fairy’s Love Doctor By Luna King


Title: The Fairy’s Love Doctor
Code: 4287
Author:Luna King
Source: Bought
Kind: Pocketbook
Publication: Precious Hearts Romances (PHR)
Pages:128 pages
Category: Comedy, Romance, Friends


“Kung handa ka nang ma-in love uli, puwede bang sa `kin na lang?” Nasa gitna ng isang madugong love triangle si Rin. Bumalik ang ex-girlfriend ng current boyfriend niya. At ang walanghiyang lalaki, hindi makapagdesisyon kung sino ang pipiliin! Isa lang ang naisip niyang takbuhan upang hingan ng advice—si Caleb, the man who played a prank on her three years ago and volunteered to be her “love doctor” in lieu of an apology. He left her his cell phone number and disappeared from her life. Tinawagan ni Rin si Caleb sa unang pagkakataon and luckily, he still remembered her. Mula noon, parati nang nagbibigay ng love advice si Caleb sa kanya. Pero kahit boses lang ng binata ang naririnig niya, nakakaramdam siya ng kagaangan ng loob. It was as if he was healing her broken heart with his soothing voice. “I want to see you again,” hiling ni Rin. Pagbigyan kaya siya ni Caleb? Or would he remain as her faceless love doctor? Huwag naman sana. Kasi naman, na-in love na siya kay Caleb.
This story was so cliche that I already knew the ending.The name of the main character is Rin and she is desperately in love with her best friend, Vincie. Eventually both of them became an official but the relationship was short-lived. This is because Vincie’s first love came back from pursuing her dreams abroad. While Rin’s relationship with Vincie was crumbling, she called Caleb who volunteered to become her love doctor. she met Caleb 3 years ago where she scared his brother during Halloween.
This story reminded me that there are people who would take advantage of you, if you let them. This scenario is what happened between Vincie and Rin. It somehow shows that we  sometimes take for granted people who love us deeply. I was very annoyed with this story because the situation was very obvious for Rin not to see. Luckily, Rin asked help from Caleb and he did not disappoint. He gave the right advice even if Rin would get hurt. The story also reminds me that there are times where we need to let go so that better things or people would come in to our lives.

I gave this a 3 hearts rating because I just like it. I have definitely read other books by Luna King which I liked better. I find that the story was just cheesy, romantic and cliche for my taste.

” kung handa ka nang ma-in love uli, pwede bang sa’kin na lang?”
– The Fairy’s Love Doctor by Luna King

” It hurts like hell, I know. But what you did was the right thing”
– The Fairy’s Love Doctor by Luna King


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