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Happiness From Books #01

Happiness depends on the individual. For me, I am happiest when I read books and do work without the pressure of a deadline. Anyways this post is a list of reasons why I think books bring happiness to my psyche, if not the whole world.

  1. New worlds can be discovered while reading books
  2. Imagination or the creative thinking of a person is enhanced
  3. Reading is a unique experience per person
  4. Books are safe topics when meeting  someone new.. no awkward atmosphere
  5. Reading is the exercise of the brain
  6. Books are easy to share
  7. Everyone has his or her unique preference when it comes to books
  8. Books help me relax.. the smell of a new opened book.. book heaven
  9. Reading is sexy
  10. Sharing stories help me socialise with others
  11. We can reads books even if there is a brownout
  12. Coffee or tea and a book = relaxation mode
  13. Vocabulary is enhanced when reading books
  14. Happy endings bring joy
  15. Some books are meant to be read twice, thrice or more
  16. Books bring out the inner child in you
  17. Different emotions surface when reading books
  18. New character mean new crushes, friends and experiences
  19. I strive to learn from every book I encounter
  20. Books introduce me to new friends and experiences

so here is my list, I hope that you enjoyed reading..
God bless and Until next time.


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