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Improper English by Katie MacAlister


Title: Improper English
Author: Katie MacAlister
Source: Bought
Edition: Paperback
Publication:Love Spell
Pages: 369 pages
Category: Chick-lit, Romance, Humor, Contemporary


Brandishing a loaf of French bread at a dishy detective wasn’t how Alexandra Freemar had envisioned starting her stay in London. But the sassy American wasn’t about to put up with any flak from the uptight–albeit gorgeous–Scotland Yard inspector who accused her of breaking and entering. She didn’t have time to deal with this suspicious upstairs neighbor. She had two months to write the perfect romance novel–two months to prove that she could succeed as an author.

Luckily, reserved Englishmen were not her cup of tea. Yet, one kiss told her Alexander Black might not be quite as proper as she’d thought. In fact, his lips could be classified as downright wicked, leaving Alix to wonder how far his talents extended. There was only one snag: The serious-minded gentleman wasn’t interested in a mere summer fling. And while as a writer Alix knew every imaginable euphemism for the male member, as a woman she soon realized she had a lot to learn about love



I got this book because I was in the mood for something funny and romantic. I bought it because of the first paragraph. It was just too graphic that it piqued my curiosity. The whole story was not awful but the main character who was nicknamed Alix was too selfish, childish and very irritating. Although I understand her  decisions it was still too cruel for my taste. The whole story was not instant love, but more of instant lust. It was still a fun read despite my dislike for the heroine.

Alex Black is the english, scotland yard detective who is the “love” interest of Alix. I liked this guy because he is persevering and understanding.  His job is to track down criminals who are dealing with pornography.I liked how he knows his priorities and his life does not revolve around Alix. Again (can’t get over it..ugh), as a heroine Alix disappoints me. I hate it how she never understands why Alex’s job is very important and that she is always jealous of his friends.

Eventually despite my dislike for the main character, my curiosity made me continue to read this story. I knew that if I won’t finish the story, it would haunt me like most of the other books I have not yet finished. What I liked about the story is that despite Alix rotten behaviour she is surrounded by a friends who support her.

I gave it a 2 hearts rating because the story was just okay. It was a quirky and funny read but I just can’t take the attitude of the heroine. But this does not mean that I would not read stories by the author. I would gladly read one of her books, but I just hope not all of her heroines are like Alix.


“You know, Isabella, I’ve always said that men are like a bag of potato chips. They may look scrumptious and tasty, but once you’ve had them, all you’re left with is an empty bag.”
-Katie MacAlister, Improper English

“Distance is relative. What you think of as being half-way around the world is really just a phone call or e-mail away from your family and friends.”
-Katie MacAlister, Improper English

“I believe that we are blessed with finding our true soulmate but once in our lives.”
-Katie MacAlister, Improper English

“You win, I’ll leave. But I want you to know this: No one can take happiness away from you, they can only put obstacles in your path. How you overcome those obstacles determines how happy your life will be.”
-Katie MacAlister, Improper English

“I supposed it did take courage to arrange to make a fool of myself in front of the man i loved.”
-Katie MacAlister, Improper English

“Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind”
-Katie MacAlister, Improper English


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