Filipino book review

Lucky Pick (Itanong mo sa akin)by Rose Tan

12193849_1673487439604229_1519738107504871637_nTitle: Lucky Pick (Itanong mo sa akin)
Code: PHR 05806
Author:Rose Tan
Source: Bought
Kind: Pocketbook
Publication: Precious Hearts Romances (PHR)
Pages: 128 pages
Category: Comedy, Romance, Friends

“Kung halimbawa… isa akong babaeng may mataas na pinag-aralan, may matinong kabuhayan, may kakaibang kagandahan, may… may… may ginto sa ngipin! At tinangka kitang halikan, papahalik ka ba?”

Dahil hindi boto sa girlfriend ng kaibigang si GREG, isang libo at isang tuwa ang kaligayahan ni BEBANG nang masangkot sa eskandalo ang babae.
LOL. ROFL. Sangkatutak na smileys at emoticons. Pero nawala si GREG. Sa kahihiyan ay nagtago sa islang walang signal. Hindi nare-receive ang malulutong na halakhak ni BEBANG.
Kaya sinundan niya ang lalaki.
Magpapakamatay na raw ito sa isla.
Ano ang gagawin ng isang kaibigan?
Eh, di tutulong. Naghanap si BEBANG ng lubid

LIKENESS SCALE:❤❤❤❤ (4.5 hearts)

I am starting this post with a brief introduction on  Precious Hearts Romances. It is a filipino publication company which publishes romance stories written in tagalog or taglish (tagalog plus english). Most of the known Filipino romance writers are being published by this company, an example is the late Martha Cecilia. The Kristine series which was by her was made into TV series. Anyways, I read Precious Hearts Pocketbooks  because they relieve stress. Also, Filipino is the national language of my nation so why not support filipino authors too. I love my country and if this is one way I can support filipino writers then by all means I would definitely read and buy there novels.

I love stories made by Rose Tan. She is one of my go to authors when it comes to the Filipino comedy, romance genre. This book is a stand alone which makes you think of different endings. The bida (which is protagonist in english) named Bebang (because she hates her real name: Eusebia) thinks that she was born with so much bad luck. She does not have a job, her family is a mess and her guy best friend has a girlfriend who she does not like. Greg who is her best friend due to some unfortuitous events was without a girlfriend and the only person who was there to console him was Bebang. As the story progressed both characters learned important things like :a real friend help you plan every detail of your suicide as long as it makes you happy.

In my opinion this heroine was not my typical protagonist. She was very bratty and always blamed her bad luck. However she learned that it was her fault for not seeing things in a more positive light. I gave this story a 4.5 hearts rating because I learned a lot things from it. It also made me realise that there are days which make you feel unlucky but it is up to us how we handle them.


” We’ve been friends for so long. We could have stayed away, we don’t have anything in common kung tutuusin. I have no reason to get in touch with you. Ikaw rin. Naging magkaibigan lang naman tayo dahil do’n sa jowa mo. No’ng wala na kayo, we could have just…drifted apart. Naging odinaryong magkakilala na lang tayo dap at, ‘di ba? But we got in touch, we got together, we got closer and before we knew it, before I knew it, you’re part of my life.”

–   Lucky Pick (Itanong mo sa akin) by Rose Tan


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