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Girls of the Wild’s by Hun and Zhena


Title: Girls of the Wild’s
Author: Hun and Zhena
Publisher: Naver Webtoon
Chapters: 260
Category: Comedy,Harem, Manhwa, Romance,School Life


Wild’s High has a 42 year history as an all-girls private high school, meant solely for the elite. The girls of this school are trained daily in some of the deadliest forms of fighting around, from boxing, to sword-fighting, to taekwondo! This specialty school is the place where the most popular sporting event in the country is held, The Wild’s League—the only place in the world where teenage girls partake in brutal fights… often to the death.

This year, Wild’s has changed to a mixed-gender school. Despite opening their doors to males, the only one to apply is Song Jae Gu. He has been granted a full 3-year scholarship regardless of grades, which he snaps up without second thought. For the past two years, every moment of his life has been spent taking care of his younger twin siblings.

But after meeting Queen, the bloody champion of Wild’s League, drenching her in coffee and calling her a “monster”… things are about to get messy—especially when he gets tied up with all the other unusual girls at this school!

Follow Jae Gu’s struggle, from being the only male in school full of beautiful and deadly women to learning to fight and stand up for himself!

LIKENESS SCALE: ❤❤❤❤ (4.5 hearts)


This was one of my anticipated webtoon or manhwa every month. The first hundred chapters were action packed. I liked how the romance was made, it was a slow burn romance. The characters had there own flavour. Queen is my favourite character even if she is not expressive. Jaesong as a main character developed over time. However, he really never did anything out of the box except on the first fifty chapters and the last one. The villains were not usually villains. They were usual rivals I love the art of this manhwa. The colours are so vivid. The expressions of the characters are well drawn that you can feel it. I just simply liked it.

I gave it a 4.5 hearts rating because the story kept lagging. It focused on the relationship of the boys and the girls and not on the martial arts part. I liked it but I still found it lacking. I also hated the indecisiveness of the main character. Although he made a decision, it was so obvious that he regrets it. This moments were really frustrating when you are the reader. I love the ending. It was done in a very colourful, action, type way which is mostly all of the elements that made me love this manhwa.


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